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28th-Jun-2010 02:15 pm - Illegally Yours ★/ prologue.
Title : Illegally Yours
Authors : confected and bestlies
Fandom/Pairing : Park Jae Bum/NG, Lee Joon/NG
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Two girls force Lee Joon and Park Jae Bum to sign marriage
Author's Note : This really weird story that my friend and I writing to get out our crazy insaneness.

The two girl linked hands and skipped off, their newly signed marriage certificates safely in their hands.Collapse )
26th-Jun-2010 10:43 pm - Sweet Dreams ★/ oneshot.
Yun Ho
Title : Sweet Dreams
Fandom/Pairing : Lee Eun Hyuk/Lee Dong Hae
Rating : PG
Summary : It felt weird to Lee Hyuk Jae to admit it, but he really, really liked his roommate.
Author's Note : Written for jenna_lovesyou. No where near as good as I wanted it to be, but I really hope that someone, especially Jenna, likes this.

'What if we weren't meant to be happy?' Hyuk Jae asked, his voice a sweet whisper.Collapse )
21st-Jun-2010 11:22 pm - Iced Tea ★/ oneshot.
Title : Iced Tea
Fandom/Pairing : Ok Taec Yeon/Kim Tae Yeon
Rating : PG
Summary : Tae Yeon's biggest fear is falling in love - always has been, always will.
Author's Note : I just wanted to write something about Taec Yeon. Dedicating this to awesomeful for help and because I love her. I also just wanted to write something that didn't have any dialogue at all.

She loves her parents, she loves her friends, she loves all of her girls, but Tae Yeon never wanted love outside of that world.Collapse )
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