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Five Foolproof Ways to Impress a Korean Male ★/ prologue.

Title : Five Foolproof Ways to Impress a Korean Male
Fandom/Pairing : Cho Kyu Hyun/NG, Cho Kyu Hyun/Han Geng, Park Lee Teuk/NG
Rating : PG-13
Summary : A girl asks her friend for advice on how to make a Korean boy like her when Kyu Hyun shows up on her doorstep.
Author's Note : This a late birthday gift for twizzerwill. The five ways were given to me by my friend and the idea of those goes to her. This will have five chapters and I swear I will finish it.


"Nicola, how do you seduce a Korean man?"

Ravin didn't give another thought before she pressed send. It was a strange question, she knew, and she just hoped that her friend wouldn't take ages to reply.

"Why? Do you like someoneeee? That's it, isn't it, Ravin? Good job! Liking boys is good for you!"

The girl rolled her eyes as she read the message. Her friend was such a dork sometimes. Just since she was single and had always been single and didn't have any immediate plans to not be single didn't mean that she didn't like boys. She did. She liked boys very, very much.

"It's not like that."

"What's his name?"

Ravin couldn't help but roll her eyes once more. She had just said that it wasn't like that. She just, well, needed to know.

"Kyu Hyun," she text back, her fingers so used to typing that name over and over again.

"Oh, like Super Junior's Kyu Hyun? That's so cute!"

Ravin laughed at her friend's dorkiness. "No, not like him. Super Junior's Cho Kyu Hyun is standing outside of my front door."

Tags: birthday!fic, genre: humor, genre: romance, pairing: cho kyu hyun/han geng, pairing: cho kyu hyun/ng, pairing: park lee teuk/ng, rating: pg-13, story: five foolproof ways to impress a
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